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What is Follow The Son Radio?
​Who We Are

Follow the Son Radio, Inc. is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Georgia dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ and His eternal Salvation to the world through music and testimony. We resolve to use multiple methods of digital evangelism to spread the Word of God including but not limited to songs, sermons, spoken words, Christian talk-shows and podcasts, and live broadcasted events. 

Our Purpose

Follow The Son Radio’s purpose is to spread the message of the Lord Jesus Christ and help lead people to eternal salvation through multiple means of digital evangelism.
We humbly attempt to follow the direction of our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to this earth as the only begotten Son of God and died as the ultimate sacrifice and was resurrected and ascended into Heaven so that mankind has the opportunity to believe in Him and have everlasting life. In following His direction we are led to spread the gospel of His message through the music, preaching and testimonies of His believers. We continuously open ourselves for questions and communication with anyone who may have questions about the message of Jesus Christ and how to obtain His Salvation.  

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Follow The Son Radio to use digital broadcasting to spread the message of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to obtain eternal Salvation by professing belief in the risen Savior of mankind. We will use methods including, but not limited to digital music, spoken word, sermons, testimonies, Christian-based talk-radio shows, podcasts and live events to educate the lost and inspire the children of God. Jesus commissioned us to go out into all nations to teach His message that God sent his only begotten Son to die for us as the ultimate sacrifice so that mankind might live forever with Him in Heaven. Follow The Son Radio broadcasts and strives to expand so that one lost soul might come to know the Lord.

Vision and our Future

Whereas we are starting down this path with a simple radio station, we have several expansion plans should the Lord see fit to fund them for us. As always, we require prayers and support from listeners to see these plans come to fruition. 
24/7 broadcasts, commercial-free as always
Original content and ministry podcasts
International broadcast(s) targeting English-speaking populations in Africa, Europe and Australia
Spanish-language broadcasts targeting U.S. and Latin American populations
Over-the-air radio broadcasts
Online video content. On-demand and/or live streaming online TV station
Brick-and-mortar “Follow The Son Coffee Shop.” Proceeds will support our outreach ministry
More ideas coming soon…

Interested in learning more?
**Update: We are currently updating our mission statement to reflect the new vision of Follow The Son Radio & Productions.